English and Modern Languages

Cynthia Westerbeck, Chair; Kellie Bond, Sara Kakazu, Lauren Peterson.

The English department offers a major in English with emphases in literature, creative writing, and secondary teaching; it also offers minors in literature and writing. Both the major and minors provide a foundation for careers that emphasize critical thinking and skillful communication. English majors frequently work in non-profit and corporate communication, grant writing, education, journalism, digital and print publishing, library science, and government. The major is also a strong preparation for law, business, medicine, and the social and behavioral sciences. These and other professions place a high value on the ability to read critically, to write clearly, and to understand human experience.

In its general studies courses, the department aims to enhance the student’s ability to use language and understand literature. The writing courses give instruction in clear, effective writing, and the literature courses address significant and enduring issues that lead to a broad understanding of human experience.