Rob Holm, Chair; Brent Bergherm, Jefre Humbert, Darryl Penney, Nathaniel Sanchez, Logan Seibold, James Veverka.

The Department of Technology provides quality technological instruction in a Christian environment, preparing students to work in a variety of service industries. Each program provides a balance between technical theory and practical laboratory experiences. Students may choose from an array of four-year Bachelor of Science or Associate of Science degree programs.

The Bachelor of Science majors offered in the Department of Technology include Automotive Service, Aviation Technology, Graphic Design, and Product Design.  Each of these majors include a number of core courses which provide broad technical experience. Along with the technical expertise, these majors provide communication, writing, and social skills through the University general studies program. Combining the specific major requirements, the technical core courses, and the general studies program provides the student with exemplary skills for today's workplace.

Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees in Automotive Management and Aviation Management are also jointly offered by the Technology Department and the School of Business. These degrees combine technology and business to prepare students for management or corporate positions within the automotive and aviation industries. The Bachelor of Science in Digital Media and Design major is a joint program offered by the Department of Technology and the Department of Communication and Languages. See the Interdisciplinary Programs section of this bulletin for these majors.

The Associate of Science specializations offered in the Department of Technology include Automotive Technology, Aviation Technology, Graphic Design, and Product Design. Each specialization prepares graduates for employment in that field. In each case, a broad technical background balances theory with laboratory experience. These programs serve students who wish to complete their technical training in a Christian environment with minimal general studies and time requirements. The programs also allow continuance in the baccalaureate programs with minimal loss of credit.

Courses in the Department of Technology provide non-majors with the opportunity of developing technical skills to complement their major, provide a minor, or to strengthen their background in the applied arts.

Students must obtain a C- or above in cognates.