History and Philosophy

Gregory Dodds, Chair, Hilary Dickerson, Monique Roddy.

The department offers a major and minor in history as well as minors in philosophy and legal studies. These programs prepare students for a wide range of career opportunities, including teaching, graduate school, law school, civil service, and business, among many others. The department also places a strong emphasis on teaching research and presentation skills.

Students who study history not only acquire historical knowledge, but they also develop critical reading, thinking, and writing abilities. More broadly, and in support of the university’s mission, the study of history is vital both to understanding the diversity and complexity of the present world and to participating actively in civil society. The history program at Walla Walla University supports the mission of the university and prepares students for a variety of career paths as they acquire knowledge and expertise in the discipline of history. To fulfill this mission, the department emphasizes:

  1. Historical Knowledge

  2. Information Literacy

  3. Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills

  4. Writing and Presentation Skills

  5. Professional Readiness

The philosophy minor encourages students to think critically in both general and Christian contexts. Students studying philosophy hone their critical thinking skills, study major figures and schools in the history of philosophy, draw connections between philosophy and other disciplines, and analyze moral, spiritual, metaphysical, epistemological, and logical questions and issues.

The legal studies minor is designed for students with an interest in a career in the legal professions and related fields, such as criminal justice. It is a particularly useful minor for any student planning to attend law school. As part of their preparation, students will study constitutional law, philosophy of law, American government, and critical thinking, along with other legal, historical, and philosophical topics.