Health and Physical Education

Rodd Strobel, Chair; Michael Hellie, Curtis Kuhlman.

Walla Walla University is one of the church's pioneers in the field of health and physical education. In 1949, this department was the first to graduate a physical education major from an Adventist institution. Since then its graduates have made significant contributions as teachers, researchers, youth leaders, health educators, physicians, dentists and other health professionals.

The department offers majors in Exercise Science, Health Science and Sports Management and Coaching. Minors are available in Athletic Coaching, Health, and Physical Education. Associate of Science degrees are offered in Pre-Dental Hygiene, Pre-Nutrition & Dietetics, and Pre-Physical Therapy. The programs in the Health and Physical Education Department seek to develop the leadership and professional skills which will enable graduates to promote a healthy Christian lifestyle, and to prepare students for graduate study beyond Walla Walla University.

The major in Health Science provides a program for students wishing to pursue graduate studies and careers in research, medicine, dentistry, environmental health, nutrition, and other disciplines in the health sciences.

The major in Exercise Science provides a program for students wishing to pursue graduate studies in physical therapy, occupational therapy, exercise physiology, biomechanics, motor learning, and other exercise science disciplines.

The major in Sport Management and Coaching helps prepare professionals to teach health and physical education at the K-12 level. Sport Management and Coaching majors may complete a double major (Sport Management and Coaching and Secondary Education) in conjunction with the School of Education and Psychology that prepares them for state certification with an option for Seventh-day Adventist denominational certification.

The Associate of Science majors offered in the Health and Physical Education Department include Pre-Dental Hygiene, Pre-Nutrition and Dietetics, and Pre-Physical Therapy. The Associate of Science in Pre-Physical Therapy fulfills the requirements for the 3 + 3 Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program at Andrews University. Loma Linda University requires a bachelor degree to apply to their DPT program. Requirements for admission to professional programs vary among schools and are subject to change. Students should request information about current admission requirements for the professional school they plan to attend. All programs should be planned in consultation with and approved by the academic advisor. Completion of the Associate of Science degree does not assure acceptance into the professional school of your choice.