Graduate Degree Requirements

Responsibilities of the Student. Each graduate student is responsible for a knowledge of all regulations and procedures published in this bulletin and in departmental materials. Continued progress in the program is contingent upon the adherence to the decisions of the Graduate Council and the policies and procedures as published in this bulletin. The student must assume the initiative in such matters as securing approval of a Program of Study and arranging for required tests and examinations. Failure to do so may result in unnecessary delay or interruption of graduate study.

Program Requirements. Completion of the minimum number of hours for a specific graduate program is required, including all courses listed in the Program of Study. Candidates must also satisfy departmental requirements listed in this bulletin and those provided in writing by the department or school.

Scholastic Requirements. A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 is required for all courses included in the graduate program and in the program area (except deficiencies). Courses with grades of less than C are not accepted for graduate credit.

Examination Requirements. Each candidate is responsible to take the appropriate, required final oral/comprehensive examination(s). Success or failure of such examinations is determined by a faculty committee. A candidate who fails a required examination is granted only one opportunity for retake after the lapse of at least one quarter. Examinations should be scheduled and taken so that the results can be known at least two weeks before spring commencement.

Bulletin Requirements. A student's degree requirements will be based on the graduate bulletin in effect at the time of first enrollment as a graduate student.

Time Allowed for Completion of Degree. Graduate students at Walla Walla University must complete all degree requirements within six (6) years after the first term of enrollment in their program. A program approved leave of absence of up to three quarters is not counted in the six year time frame. The student may petition the Graduate Standards Committee for additional extensions.

Application for Degree Requirement. One quarter prior to program completion, a Graduate Application for Degree must be completed and submitted via myWWU. The student is responsible for ensuring that the applicable graduation requirements below are completed:

1. Review a degree audit that verifies completion/registration for minimum number of credits in a declared program.
2. Attained a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.
3. Meet all program prerequisite requirements.
4. Scheduled the necessary comprehensive exam and/or defense of thesis/project.
5. Satisfied all deficiencies, incomplete (I) and in progress (IP) grades.

See 12 Clicks to Graduation for additional instructions.