Membership in the performance groups listed below is by audition or by invitation. Students who participate in an ensemble are required to register for either 0 or 1 credit. Graded S or NC for 0 credit. Graded A-F for 1 credit. These classes may be repeated for additional credit. NOTE: The term "organization" is used in this bulletin to designate a primary departmental music ensemble that fulfills the organization requirement for music majors and minors. Primary music organizations are MUPF 215/MUPF 315 University Singers, MUPF 255/MUPF 355 Wind Symphony, MUPF 256/MUPF 356 Brass/Percussion, and MUPF 266/MUPF 366 Symphony Orchestra.


In addition to meeting the university upper division enrollment policy, music majors and minors must have juried for upper division status to enroll in upper division ensembles and non-majors and minors must audition for UD ensembles (i.e. permission by instructor).