Student Responsibility for Meeting Degree Requirements

While your advisor may assist you in planning a program, degree candidates are expected to be fully informed concerning degree requirements and are responsible for their fulfillment. The following checklist will help you in meeting graduation requirements at WWU. You may use this page to check the requirements off as you meet them. Please see the Academic Programs and Graduation Requirements section and the departmental sections of the university bulletin for further explanations of these requirements.

Checklist for Meeting Degree Requirements

___ General studies requirements:

See General Studies section of bulletin for specifics.

___ Total hours required:

192 quarter hours for bachelor's degrees (exception: 200 for the B.S.E. degree)

96 quarter hours must be from four-year colleges or universities

96 quarter hours for associate degrees

___ Upper-division credits:

60 quarter hours required for bachelor's degrees including:

a minimum of 21 quarter hours in the major

a minimum of 3 quarter hours in the minor

___ Transfer credits:

Transcripts for all off-campus credits need to be on file in the Records Office. Before taking courses off-campus, submit a Transfer Course Approval Request to be sure the credits satisfy requirements needed.

___ Residency requirements:

At least 40 of last 45 credits must be on campus

25% of major credits (including 9 upper-division) must be on campus

25% of minor credits (including 3 upper-division) must be on campus

___ Foreign language requirement:

The B.A. degree requires 8-12 credits of one foreign language

___ Minimum acceptable grade in major or minor:

No grade lower than a C- (1.70) is acceptable in a major or minor


Nursing and Education major minimum = C (2.00)

Engineering (see B.S.E. section of the bulletin)

___ GPA requirements:

Major or minor GPA: minimum of 2.00 in each major/minor

Cumulative GPA: minimum of 2.00

Exceptions: Education majors, 2.75; Nursing majors, 3.0

___ Comprehensive exams:

A comprehensive exam is required for most majors. See departmental advisor or the testing center for specific requirement.

___ Application for Degree (Senior Outline):

File form via myWWU three quarters before graduation.

Form must be approved by the Records Office before you are eligible to graduate.