Engineering General Studies Requirements

The general studies content within the engineering curriculum is similar to the standard General Studies requirements for the baccalaureate degree at Walla Walla University, with some important differences. Credits must be distributed as follows:

Foundational Skills (15)

Courses in this section ensure that students have the foundation necessary to fulfill the following core GS objectives:

  • Communicate effectively and responsibly
  • Demonstrate critical and reflective thinking
  • Find, evaluate, and integrate sources
  • Develop a holistic understanding of the principles of health and wellness

Ethics and Belief Studies (18)

Courses in this section provide opportunities for exploration of biblical and theological issues, foster spiritual growth, and provide a framework of faith to guide the students’ personal and professional lives.

Ways of Knowing and Engaging (10)

Courses in this section impart a broad knowledge of the arts and sciences through the traditional liberal arts disciplines, and allow students to explore various cultural themes and social issues in order to translate academic achievement into engaged citizenship.