On-Campus Student Employment

Work opportunities are limited during the summer months and employment is not guaranteed. Students are strongly encouraged to arrange for work prior to arriving on campus. Employment opportunities may be available in grounds, custodial, residence hall custodial, plant maintenance, The Express, library, campus offices, and academic departments. Permission to begin working is given only to students who are registered for summer quarter or who have been accepted and preregistered for a minimum of 12 credit hours fall quarter.

All students wishing to work on the Walla Walla University campus are required to present original documents that establish both their identity and eligibility to work before they will be authorized to begin work. For more information, contact the Student Employment Office at (509) 527-2357 or (800) 656-2357.

All students who work on campus during the summer are required to sign a Summer Worker Agreement at the Student Employment Office by June 21, 2023. Student employees who rent from the university, either residence hall or university housing, must pay any previous balance owing on their accounts and make arrangements for payment of summer rent by June 21. They may either pay their summer rent in advance or agree to a payroll deduction of at least 75 percent of their wages to cover their rent, cafeteria, and other charges as they occur, and to save for fall quarter expenses. If charges exceed the payroll deduction, students are responsible for paying their account promptly
when billed. Students with unusual situations may consult a financial counselor about a possible reduction in their payroll deduction.

Student summer employees who do not rent housing from the university are encouraged to voluntarily sign up for a payroll deduction of at least 35 percent to save for fall quarter expenses.