Student Life

Walla Walla University is dedicated to the academic, spiritual, social and physical aspects of a total education. Believing that these dimensions are closely related, the University provides a broad range of activities and opportunities designed to add depth and maturity to a Christ-centered life.

Christian Commitment

Walla Walla University welcomes students from all backgrounds and asks them to respect the distinctive Seventh-day Adventist way of life both on and off campus. Adventism, at its best, is characterized by an emphasis on Christian faith and spiritual discipleship; a personal relationship with a gracious, loving, Creator God; moral and intellectual integrity and maturity of character; the sanctity of life; a positive regard for differences of conviction and perspective; healthful living, daily worship and Sabbath rest.

SABBATH OBSERVANCE. The Seventh-day Sabbath is observed at Walla Walla University from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday. Students are expected to treat these sacred hours with reverence.

CHURCH AND SABBATH SCHOOL. Each Sabbath, the Walla Walla University Seventh-day Adventist Church offers formal opportunity for worship and spiritual renewal. The Sabbath School program provides numerous settings campus-wide for formal and informal group Bible study, prayer, music, meditation and discussion.

CHAPEL EXPERIENCE. The chapel experience at WWU—known as CommUnity —includes Tuesday assembly and other events that offer weekly opportunities for the entire campus to gather for worship, academic reflection and discussion, celebrations of school spirit, social outreach, and civic enlightenment. These events are important to the spiritual and social unity of the University family. Most undergraduate students are required to participate.

WORSHIPS. Providing programs conducive to academic and spiritual growth is the reason Walla Walla University exists. To preserve this distinctive objective, and to develop a habit of worship, selected attendance at a variety of worship events is required for students living in the residence halls. Morning prayer services, small groups, and evening worships are available every day to give students several opportunities to meet the requirement.

CAMPUS MINISTRIES. Campus Ministries is an organization on campus, led by the Campus Chaplain and student leaders, that promotes religious understanding and activity on and off campus. Typical activities include Friday evening programs, a variety of worship opportunities throughout the week, small groups, prayer meetings, opportunities to socialize in a Christian context, and community service projects.

OFFICE OF STUDENT MISSIONS. Through the Student Missions (SM) Office, a large number of WWU students take advantage of international student mission and North American volunteer opportunities. Participating students typically spend up to one year away from the WWU campus in volunteer service settings around the world.

ATHLETIC OUTREACH. The athletic program encourages students to grow in their Christian experience and develop a willingness to share that relationship with others. The opportunity is available for the student-athlete to be an active witness on the WWU campus and the community around us.

VOLUNTEER MINISTRIES. Involvement in ministry on campus, at the campus church, and in the community are an integral aspect of a community that is committed to being generous in service. A wide range of opportunities are provided to serve in these areas, as well as service days throughout the year, Sabbath afternoon outreach events, and travel to churches and academies throughout the Northwest to put on vesper programs and church services.

SMALL GROUPS. Campus Ministries (Chaplain's Office), encourages spiritual growth in small groups is vital to the religious life of Walla Walla University. Many groups meet weekly on campus for encouragement and spiritual growth.

PRAYER MINISTRIES. Campus Ministries (Chaplain's Office), provides a variety of opportunities for times of singing, praying, and spiritual support.

Social Opportunities

Walla Walla University places an emphasis on providing on-campus social opportunities consistent with its Christian mission.

ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF WALLA WALLA UNIVERSITY. All WWU faculty and regularly enrolled undergraduate students are members of the ASWWU. ASWWU elected officers are responsible for a wide range of social and religious activity planning, and for representing student needs and concerns to WWU administrators. The ASWWU is also responsible for production of the Mask online student directory, the Collegian weekly student newspaper, and the Mountain Ash yearbook. ASWWU is sponsored by the Assistant Vice President of Student Life.

CAMPUS CLUBS. Students of varying interests and social tastes support a variety of campus clubs and interest groups. Most academic departments sponsor organizations designed to foster academic interaction in more informal settings. Other campus clubs include: Aleph Gimel Ain (AGA), residence hall women; Omicron Pi Sigma (OPS), residence hall men; and Village Club.

LOCAL OPPORTUNITIES. In addition to on-campus social activities, WWU students take advantage of a variety of local cultural opportunities. These include performances by the Walla Walla Symphony, art exhibits, lectures by leading political and entertainment personalities, and live theatrical productions.

Campus Sports and Recreation

ATHLETIC PROGRAM. Recognizing that athletics are an integral part of campus life at WWU, the athletic program is designed to provide opportunities for Christian athletes to participate and excel in high-level athletic endeavors. The activities are designed to move beyond traditional intramural sports and encompass the following: Women's sports: basketball, cross country, golf, volleyball; Men's sports: basketball, cross country, golf, soccer.

INTRAMURALS. A recreational sports program in individual and team sports that encourages campus-wide involvement at all skill levels. More than 60 percent of WWU students participate in at least one intramural activity during the school year.

REGIONAL OPPORTUNITIES. Regional sporting opportunities include wind-surfing on the nearby Columbia and Snake Rivers; hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing in the Blue Mountains, or skiing/snowboarding at any of several ski resorts.

ASWWU OUTDOORS AND MT. RENTS. These ASWWU programs provide students with opportunities to connect to nature through a variety of outdoor recreational trips, educational courses, and rental gear for outdoor adventures in the Pacific Northwest during the school year.

Student Housing

RESIDENCE HALLS. Walla Walla University provides on-campus housing for unmarried students. Students who register for 6 hours or more, under 22 years of age or with less than 135 quarter hours completed, are required to live in a residence hall. Requests for exceptions are processed through the Residential Life and Housing. Campus residence hall options include:

Foreman/Conard Hall. This residence hall complex houses approximately 400 women. The Foreman portion is a seven-story high-rise for upper-division women, featuring a fitness center, elevator service and air-conditioned rooms. The Conard portion includes a large worship room, study areas, and small parlors. Foreman/Conard provides laundry and kitchen facilities.

Sittner Hall. Accommodating approximately 450 men. This residence hall includes lounges, a recreation room, a large collaborative study space, and health club facilities.

Hansen Hall, Portland Campus. Hansen Hall is designated for unmarried students, and is located adjacent to the WWU School of Nursing and Adventist Health Portland.

APARTMENTS. The University owns and manages unfurnished rental units, consisting of studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments, and houses for both single (who have permission to live outside of residence halls) and married enrolled students. The Village Housing office is located at 26 N. College Avenue, College Place, WA; telephone: (509) 527-2109.

Student Services

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. Information Technology operates computer systems for the use of faculty, staff, and students of WWU. All systems are connected to the internet by a campus-wide wired and wireless computer network. To do their classwork, students can use campus computer labs or personal computers connected to the campus network. On campus connections can be made via wireless or LAN while off-campus access can be accomplished through the use of the student VPN.

A wide variety of software applications are available for the use of faculty, staff, and students. These include popular programs for word processing, spreadsheets, databases, programming languages, graphic design, CAD, communications, and mathematical computation. All faculty, staff, and students also have access to Office 365 applications which can be accessed online or downloaded onto personal devices.