Preprofessional Curricula

The University offers courses required for admission to professional or technical schools. Most preprofessional curricula require two units of high school mathematics (algebra and geometry.) All programs should be planned in consultation with and approved by the assigned academic advisor.

Requirements for admission to preprofessional programs vary among different professional schools and are subject to change. Students should request information about current admission requirements from the professional school they plan to attend.

Dentistry (4)

Law (4)

Medical Radiography (1)

Medicine (4)

Nursing (2)

Occupational Therapy (2)

Optometry (2)

Orthotics and Prosthetics (2)

Pharmacy (2)

Physical Therapy Assistant (1)

Physician Assistant (2)

Veterinary Science (4)

*Numbers in parentheses indicate the years of study normally required on the WWU campus before entrance into a professional school.