Financial Information for 2019-2020

Financial Aid. Walla Walla University assumes that each graduate student has the primary obligation for his/her educational costs. For students unable to meet this obligation while attending Walla Walla University, financial aid is available in the form of student employment, long-term loans, grants, and scholarships. Interest rates for long-term loans are low and repayment does not begin until a student is no longer enrolled at least half-time in a graduate program. In order to receive maximum financial assistance, students should plan their finances for the entire academic school year several months prior to the first quarter of enrollment. Financial counselors are available to provide help in financial planning, applying for financial aid, and in developing plans for payment. The Federal Government requires that the college have a copy of the baccalaureate transcript prior to disbursements of financial aid to graduate students. Adding or dropping a class on or before the tenth day of the quarter may affect a student’s Financial Aid package.

Federal Direct Loan Program. Graduate students may borrow up to $20,500 per year. Interest rate on the Federal Direct Loan is determined by the federal government each year. Principal repayment begins six months after the student ceases to be enrolled at least half-time. Loan origination fees are deducted from the loan amount before funds are issued to WWU. The student is responsible for the interest and may either make payments on the interest or have it added to the principal of the loan. Students' eligibility for a Federal Direct Loan is determined after completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) via the internet at: Graduate students applying for financial aid must also complete a WWU Graduate Financial Aid Application at: Students sign an online Master Promissory Note when they first borrow under this program. No further promissory note is required for any additional loans taken out during the next 10 years. Borrowers must also complete the Entrance Loan Counseling online.

Graduate Tuition. Graduate tuition is $633 per quarter hour.

Extension Tuition. Extension tuition is $424 per quarter hour.

Graduate students who meet one of the following categories are eligible for one-third off the regular graduate tuition rate. Acceptance into the graduate Education Program is required. Students are not eligible for WWU grants and scholarships, but may apply for Federal Direct Students Loans. The balance of the tuition not covered by awarded loans must be paid by the financial clearance deadline (no payment plan).

  1. Full-time teachers employed within driving distance of WWU (200 miles). A copy of the school district’s contract is required.
  2. Students taking the Special Education Concentration program through August 2020. Students who begin the program before August 2020 are not “Grandfathered” into this tuition rate aft August 2020.

General Fee. All tuition paying graduate students registered for 4 or more hours are charged $65 per quarter. This fee covers internet access while on campus, new technology for classrooms, graduation fee, etc. Students on the College Place campus also receive access to the library, gym and pool, and printing for first 100 pages in the computer labs.

Since the General Fee for graduate students does not include ASWWU dues, graduate students wanting campus publications such as the Mask and the yearbook may purchase these publications for prices set by the ASWWU editors

Payment Plans. The University is not able to finance student accounts. However, several payment plans are available and may be arranged through the Student Financial Services.

Books and School Supplies. Textbooks, school supplies, and other class materials are available at the University Shop. Students should plan on approximately $550 for such purchases each quarter.

Student Insurance. All Walla Walla University students must have health insurance while they are enrolled at WWU. Students are responsible for obtaining and maintaining their health insurance. If a student’s health insurance lapses while they are a student at WWU, they are responsible for obtaining replacement coverage. All students, and in particular our international students, are encouraged to carefully review their health insurance coverage to ensure that they are covered for services in the Walla Walla valley. If students require assistance in finding a health insurance plan to meet their needs, please go to or contact the University Clinic at (509) 527-2425 for assistance.

Personal Property Insurance. WWU is not responsible for loss of personal property. Students are encouraged to carry their own insurance for coverage of personal belongings.

Change in Expenses. Because of fluctuations in the economy, the University Board of Trustees reserves the right to adjust costs and policies throughout the school year, or to supersede statements published in this bulletin.