Computer Science

Jonathan Duncan, Chair; Larry Aamodt, Preston Carman, James Foster.

Computer science is the study of the representation, storage, and manipulation of information. The Department of Computer Science prepares its students for both graduate study and careers in computer science, system analysis and design, software engineering, and networking. The department offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. The department cooperates with the School of Engineering in offering a computer engineering concentration in the Bachelor of Science in Engineering Degree. The School of Business and the Department of Computer Science jointly offer a major in information systems (B.S.).

The computer science curriculum consists of a core set of required courses that are designed to introduce the fundamental theoretical ideas of the discipline and help students develop the practical programming and software design skills necessary in the field. Department electives are organized into strands which encourage students to focus more deeply on one or more sub-fields of computer science. These strands include applied computer science, web and information management, computational science and intelligent systems, programming methods and tools, theoretical computer science, and computer architecture and organization. Students are encouraged to discuss their career goals with their academic advisors as they choose electives.