Communication and Languages

Linda Potter Crumley, Chair; Alma Alfaro, David Crawford, Lynelle Ellis, Jean-Paul Grimaud, Jerrold Hartman, Nancy Semotiuk, Deborah Silva.

Communication and Languages stimulate critical thinking and creative expression, enhance language and cultural sensitivity, and help students connect educational, career, and life goals. Students are prepared to enter careers or pursue graduate studies that use their talents to understand, speak, read, write, and communicate visually through a variety of media, becoming effective and articulate Christian communicators.

Communication study focuses on message creation, production, and dissemination—on sharing ideas that enhance community, create change, and influence audiences. Language study prepares students to engage in the language, literature, and life of other cultures. International communication combines communication and language study to embrace expanding global opportunities in politics, business, technology and environmental issues. For students interested in treating communication disorders, we offer a program preparing students to pursue further coursework elsewhere in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology.

Degrees Offered:
Bachelor of Science (BS) in Film, TV, and Media focuses intensely on teaching visual and audio communication. BS degrees focus more on a specific area of knowledge, and a minor is not required. Graduates often produce, direct, write, edit, and in many ways are involved in the creation of film, documentary, advertising, broadcasting, video, and other visual media. Graduates of this program are well prepared to enter the Master of Arts in Cinema, Religion, and Worldview offered by Walla Walla University or other graduate programs.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Strategic Communication integrates a strong core of communication study with skills in journalism, public relations, fundraising, and publishing. A minor is required. Graduates often take positions as writers, editors, fundraisers, public relations practitioners, communication specialists, or social media managers. They are prepared for graduate study.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Global Communication integrates knowledge of communication with a French or Spanish specialization, a minor in an area of the student’s choosing, language study abroad, and an international internship to provide a solid foundation of experience in international communication. Graduates are prepared for careers as communication specialists in international and intercultural organizations such as global business, governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), charitable or religious organizations, foundations, media outlets, and international missions.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in French offers a solid linguistic and multi-cultural experience, including a school year studying abroad in France and provides a strong humanities background. A minor is required. The BA in French has proven to be a valuable asset when pairing with Healthcare pre-professional programs, Business, Communication, International Development Studies, and Education.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Spanish offers a solid linguistic and multi-cultural experience, with a school year spent in either Spain or Argentina and provides a valuable insight into the Hispanic and Latin-American world including the Latino community. A minor is required. Graduates may teach, translate, and interpret. The BA in Spanish has also proven to be a valuable asset when pairing with Healthcare pre-professional programs, Business, Communication, International Development Studies and Education.

Associate of Science (AS) in pre-Speech Language Pathology and Audiology prepares students for admission to Speech Language Pathology and Audiology at Loma Linda University and may also apply to other professional programs. A selective program involving sciences, general education courses, and communication-specific coursework offers graduation with an AS degree before entering BS professional training.

Minors are available in drama, film and television production, global communication, journalism, public relations, and speech, as well as in the following languages: Arabic, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Most language minors include some time studying abroad.